 Office Locations

Branch Office

5th Floor, Building – 3, Bhalubasa Agrico, Jamshedpur, India

Corporate Office

Amossys Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., #30, 2nd Floor, Raghuvanhalli, Kanakpura Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560062, India

Overseas Office

Amossys Consulting Services, B.V Busplein 3638, 1315 KV Almere Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amossys Consulting Services Nigeria Ltd. 8A Opp Ikoyi Baptist Church, Lateef Jakanda Avenue, Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria

In case of any enquiry, please reach out to Mr. Rajeev Kumar  +91-7980095043 or mail us at  info@amossysdigital.com.